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Homesteading on 2 acres

The Carpenter Farm Project is a family-run homestead striving to get back to the root of where food should come from. Starting with farm fresh chickens and eggs, humanely raised meat, and a pesticide free garden- we are attempting a way to raise healthy food on a small amount of land.  

Since 2016, we have been working on developing a regenerative homestead and restoring our farmhouse.  Our mission is to work on self-sustaining our family from the fruits of our land and would love to share our tips for you and your loved ones. Although 100% self-sustainability is not our exact goal, we constantly look for ways to continue to rely on just ourselves and encourage you to do your part.  There is no amount of land too small to start!  Stay connected with us for ideas, to collaborate, or for inquiries on custom homestead products.

About Us: Our Farm
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